My Mission

To be an example and share my testimony of how juicing has changed my life! Here are the benefits of ShakeURGreen: lowers your A1C  and blood pressure, helps boost energy if you are anemic, reduces cravings for sweets and carbs,  gives you vibrant skin and hair.

Paulette Campbell

40 years of being a fitness instructor, I took for granted the impact a daily dose of vegetables and fruits has on your health. When my husband and I moved to California during COVID and businesses and gyms were shut down, maintaining good health became an uber priority!  I was in a major panic about gaining weight and becoming sedentary.  When I made juicing my daily regimen it changed my life and my body!  My skin and hair became more vibrant and even though I wasn't as active in the gym, I lost body fat!

"ShakeURGreen and you'll know what I mean!"

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